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Sailing Ionian Sea

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Sailing in the Ionian Sea from Corfu with Cleopatra

What better way to experience this unsurpassed taste of freedom, elegance and style while allowing you to explore a variety of destinations if you combine it with a cruise! The "Cleopatra" boat, anchored in Corfu's Old Fortress in Mandraki, one can easily explore the sights of the city and live life in the harbor! Take a glass of wine in the evening and watch the stars on the deck of the boat, enjoy the morning views of the fortress, live like a sailor for a day!
Corfu Town, capital of the island of Corfu, is the largest port in the Greek Ionian and a major transport hub for ferries across the Adriatic to Italy and to the Greek mainland at Igoumenitsa.
Its international airport is also one of the busiest in Greece, with daily flights to most European destinations.
The island has long been popular with European tourists, especially British as a consequence of British rule in the 19th century, and Corfu Town reflects this long tradition, with more tavernas, shops and cafes per square mile than almost anywhere else in Greece.
Its architecture is a hectic mix of Venetian, classical and British colonial and in spite of the huge numbers of tourists that throng the town’s streets in summer, Corfu Town is still a delight to explore, with its narrow, sleepy passageways lined with atmospheric Italianate apartment blocks.
The visiting yachtsman is perhaps less well served than the land tourist, with limited berthing opportunities consisting of the grimy east basin of the commercial harbour, the cramped, yacht club-managed basins of Mandraki on the N side of the Venetian castle and NAOK on the S side, a couple of reasonably sheltered anchorages and the marina at Gouvia three miles to the NW.
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Mandraki, Corfu Island

The Cleopatra Sailing Boat, anchored in Corfu's Old Fortress in Mandraki

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This little town has a beautiful setting! Let us set the scene: Colorful houses built on the slopes of a mountain, boasting a breathtaking view of the sea, exotic beaches with turquoise waters and natural surroundings, a wonderful natural landscape… What’s not to love about Parga Greece.

The first thing that catches your eye as you approach Parga by sailing boat is a lush green islet with a white church at the entrance of Parga port. On the top of a hill above Parga Town sit the ruined walls of a Venetian castle, a vestige of the Venetian rule.

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Paxos island is located 7 nautical miles south of Corfu island at the northern of Ionian sea of Greece. Close to Paxos, there is one smaller island called anti-Paxos. Both Paxos and Anti-Paxos are the Paxoi (Paxi) islands.

Paxi is an ideal island for peaceful holiday. Which means that is a real family-friendly island, without not being recommended for young visitors.
It is amazing that in such a small island, you can find so many spectacular beaches. A basic thing to do, is to take total relaxation at one of them. There are many seaside old traditional taverns you can have fresh fish and if you are a sporty one, you can sail to the island at the Spring and try hiking the old footpaths that lead to tiny chapel, small settlements and hilltops with amazing sea views.
The incredibly clean and clear waters you can find at all the beaches, offering isolation and absolute tranquillity.
The port of Port Lakka lies at the Northeastern tip of the island of Paxos in the Ionian Sea. It consists of a large natural inlet. It is protected from all winds but not the Northeast winds which are rare.
Gaios is the main harbour of Paxos island. It consist of a long natural inlet, fully protected from Agios Nikolaos little island, as it is only a few miles away. The shelter in the port is excellent in most conditions, although strong winds make the southern part uncomfortable.
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of Greece

Lefkada is one of the most breathtaking Greek islands and it is located in the heart of the Ionian sea, connected with the mainland by a small bridge. Being easily accessed by car and boasting one of the most wonderful natural landscapes and some of the most scenic beaches, Lefkada Greece (or the “Caribbean of Greece”, as it is also known as) is the absolute dream destination for those who are into exotic islands.

porto katsiki
lefkada beaches
Also known as the “Caribbean of Greece”, Lefkada Greece stands out for its exotic ambiance and breathtaking natural landscape!
The main reason why Lefkada is wildly famous is its beaches! You might have seen many pictures of the iconic Lefkada beaches, but, trust us, the reality far exceeds any expectations. Sandy and shrine, with mesmerizing turquoise waters, surrounded by wild nature, Lefkada beaches will amaze you!
Let us set the scene… Dramatic cliff backdrops, white sand and pebbles glistening in the Ionian sun, crystal clear, turquoise waters and wild natural landscapes join forces to create some of the best beaches you’ve ever seen! The most popular and most-photographed of them are Porto Katsiki beach, Egremni beach, Milos beach Lefkada and Kathisma beach. If you’re after more isolated beaches, though, head to Mylos, Kalamitsi, and Kaminia, to chill out and relax away from the crowds.
Talking of beaches, water sports is one of the best things to do in Lefkada! Windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, and every beach-related activity is a must in Lefkada. Alternatively, charter a boat and sail to the little islets around Lefkada, such as the legendary Skorpios islet.
Apart from Lefkada beaches though, Lefkada rewards the visitor with seaside villages, such as Nidri Lefkada and Agios Nikitas Lefkada, natural beauties, such as Dimosari waterfalls, delicious food and a whole heap of exciting activities! Lefkada Town is where the heart of the island beats! Stroll around its narrow alleys, sit at the traditional taverns to taste the local delicacies, visit the Venetian Agia Mavra Castle, museums and 18th-century churches.
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