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Paxos – Antipaxos

The shining diamonds of the Ionian Sea There is nothing we can say about this amazing pair of islands that you might not have heard before, as it is one of the most famous and popular summer destinations in Greece. The astonishing thing is that the islands

Diapontia Islands: Ereikoussa, Othoni

Sailing off , mandraki we will head north. Enjoying the marvellous route, we will turn northwest after the stone Lighthouse that stands in the middle of the straits between Corfu and Albania to head toward Diapontia Islands, an insular paradise still untouched. Diapontia islands consist of 3 tiny inhabited



Sivota The area that extends from Igoumenitsa to Paxi is characterised by a fascinating geophysical phenomenon: verdant strips of land penetrate like lace into the sea, while verdant rock formations form small serene lagoons. Travelling to the area’s most beautiful parts, we will see.

Tailor-made cruises

Unlimited choice The privilege of having a vacation on a sailing boat is the fact that you may choose any destination washed by the sea. Cleopatra Sailing boat "Corfu Greece" will be available to take you to any destination nearby or far away, in Greece or abroad. Discuss your dreams with Cleopatra Sailing Team. We understand that not everybody is the same and that we all have different needs, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us build it for you!


Corfu-Ithaca with many unforgettable stops Odysseus’ journey to Homer’s Ithaca is not just the most beautiful sea story, but also an archetypal journey to explore and find self-consciousness. Odysseus, after 10 years of wandering-around, mythical adventures and barrage of setbacks, ended up shipwrecked to the shore of Corfu.


Parga, located in the west coast is the most popular holiday destination in Epirus, facing the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.The medieval castle and the largest part of the old town are literately hanging above the sea. When you reach the port of Parga, the first thing that catches your eye is a small green island with a white church and a fresh water spring.

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